Load test results on audio-only sessions

Hi I have a question about the maximum capacity of audio-only sessions.

I am fairly new to openvidu and webrtc in general, so I might ask you for silly questions so my apologies in advance.

I am thinking to go with openvidu CE 2.29 since I am only considering audio-only sessions with 5 participants at max.

I did read this document so I know audio-only will affect the number of sessions, but I would like to know by how much will affect the number of maximum sessions.

As far as I know (which I’m not sure), in audio only session, the requests sending through rtp will be a lot less. However I’m not sure if it is the number of media streams created in the KMS

And I have read this article, but I still was not able to find the results for audio-only sessions.

if there’s is any testings done on Openvidu team’s side, please share with the community. Also if there isn’t one, how can I manipulate the load test tool, so i can set it up to test for audio-only sessions?

Thank you!