Maximum participants in a 1:N session?

Hi there, I’m wondering if there’s any rough estimates with regards to the maximum number of participants in a 1:N session? Essentially one publisher to many subscribers. Obviously this is dependent on the hardware being used but it’d be great to have some rough estimates.

I did find this relatively old blog post about scaling from OpenVidu here: OpenVidu load testing: a systematic study of OpenVidu platform performance | by OpenVidu | Medium

So it looks like the answer is at least 100 - 200 but that post specifically deals with many to many setups. I would guess that a 1:N setup would allow a good amount more subscribers.

So are there any benchmarks/estimates for the maximum amount of participants in a 1:N session?


Hello @phil917,

We are performing an extensive load testing experiment to better know the limits of OpenVidu, but right now we don’t have such numbers.

But you can calculate yourself using our brand new load testing tool: