OpenVidu CE On-Premise installation is failing

Hello everyone,

I am trying to follow the steps mentioned in the on-premise deployment section to deploy an OpenVidu CE instance on my Ubuntu 22 virtual machine.

As per the steps, The following line should be executed in the terminal:
curl | bash

I did the same but the installation is failing with the following error reason:

Error when downloading the file ‘.env’

I checked the internet and it is working fine.
I went ahead and checked the Looks like, The server on which the .env file is hosted is not responding. I tried opening the URLs in the browser but got no response from the server.


curl --silent ${DOWNLOAD_URL}/openvidu-server/deployments/ce/docker-compose/.env

I even tried raising the timeout values from 500 to 1500 but the issue still persists.
Can anyone help in resolving this problem?


It works for me, I just tried this URL:

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Thanks a lot for replying.
I checked with a different internet connection (different operator) and it worked!
The problem seems to be there with a specific operator’s internet connection.