Openvidu-call-react up to date?

Noticed that openvidu-call has been completely overhauled, and is a really cool foundation to customize and build your own app. But its in Angular, while most people want to use React. I looked at openvidu-call-react, but at first glance it does not seem as up to date as openvidu-call (angular version). Github dates are several months to more than a year old. Latest updates seem more to bring the app to be compatible with 2.14.

I would love to use the latest and greatest so i have a headstart, but the rest of my app is in React, and that too with latest techniques like React Hooks & functional components. Do you suggest i start with openvidu-call-react and add in any functionality not found there?


Hi @srisub,

We are not react developers experts but as react is supported in OpenVidu, we provide a react seed to start. You can customize and add the features that you want from this project or start from scratch.

PR are very welcome.

Ciao Santos,

I agree with @srisub. the react call is really out-dated and need a complete overhaul.

Please let me know how can I help you re-develop the react-call library. I am an expert in react.

Hi @Ubaid,
As you know, OpenVidu is an open source project, what that means is that you can contribute with your improvements and updates.

The pull requests are very welcomed.


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Okay, I forked the repo. I will submit my contribution soon


Hi Ubaid, did you manage to add a contribution with latest react! Thanks