Only show dominant speaker for huge sessions

The OpenVidu team is starting to design a new feature to implement huge sessions. Basically we want to provide a very easy way to show only the participant who is speaking (dominant speaker). In that way, no matter the number of participants in the session as any participant will only have to render one video stream. Also, audio of all speakers will be combined in the server.

We plan to implement this feature in OpenVidu PRO edition.

If you are interested on it, please comment here your use case and what are the features you would use.



I am not sure if I understand correctly.
If one speaker is dominant at any time so audio should also be one.

I would like to see:
I will use terms of classroom so it is easier to understand.

  1. Roles : Teachers, Students and Moderators.
  2. Separate list of names showing online teachers ( one class room can have n teachers). Online list of students, list of Moderators.
  3. Moderators can control who ( which group ) sees lists of online users.
  4. Students can raise hand to ask question.
  5. Those who raise hand are put in a queue waiting for their turn to become next publisher.
  6. Moderator can switch publisher , it can be someone from teacher, student or moderator group.
  7. Controlled chat. Eg Moderator can switch off chat all together or not allow chat between students ,

Hello @kamal,

Your requests are more related with a controlled video conf that specifically related to dominant speaker automatic selection. Please open a new entry in the forum for such features.

Nice To know that openvidu consider community requests


Approximately when do you see that being released?

It is in our mid term roadmap. Maybe in 2/3 months