Not getting recordingStarted / recordingEnded events?

Hi there, I’m trying to add a simple feature for our webinar software. Essentially I want subscribers to see publisher streams ONLY when the session recording has started.

My use case is multiple publishers can meet in a “backstage” area before going live to all subscribers. When the admin is ready, they can “start” the webinar which starts the session recording and from there, the various publisher streams become visible to all subscribers.

I already have this working but I’m not in love with my implementation so I’m wondering if maybe I can clean this up by using the “recordingStarted” and “recordingEnded” events. So essentially when the “recordingStarted” event is received on the subscriber’s side, show the publisher videos (which have already been added to DOM and I am hiding until the webinar officially “starts”).

But the problem is, only the main publisher (the admin that manually starts the session recording) is receiving the “recordingStarted” event. My subscribers are not receiving the “recordingStarted” event.

I can’t tell if this is by design or whether I’m just doing something wrong here. Any insights would be much appreciated!


Go here: OpenVidu configuration - OpenVidu Docs
And look for configuration property OPENVIDU_RECORDING_NOTIFICATION

That’s exactly what you are looking for.

I am going to extend the documentation of the RecordingEvents on openvidu-browser here, as I think it is a good place to introduce this property.

Thanks! That does look like exactly what I want :slight_smile: