No Internet Environment Openvidu start error

As suggested by @DiStefano8742, i am trying to install Coturn on different machine. This is ubuntu vm that is available publicly.
When i try to install Coturn using : GitHub - OpenVidu/openvidu-external-coturn.
It is giiving error as given below :slight_smile:
ERROR: for coturn Cannot create container for service coturn: Conflict. The container name “/coturn” is already in use by container “4ec265adf3dbd3a6bf3a6cbcb7505df0e3cb1a5e01ed83b511d163628fec247f”. You have to remove (or rename) that container to be able to reuse that name.
I am not able to understand how to resolve this error,
Openvidu version we are using is 2.15.0.
Please help to resolve this.

I understand and we are connected to the wifi modem.

What I don’t understand is that there is no problem with the same settings when the internet is connected, but when I disconnect the internet and try to restart it, it launches without a problem, but it doesn’t respond.

Is it possible to run it inside an internal network without internet?

openvidu run in my laptop with model local network
with internet is ok but without internet just dose not work

The log is showing you how to resolve that problem… you have a coturn container running and docker-compose is not able to create another one

That’s quite strange, what is the exact error do you have? Can you make a capture or a video of your current use case?

OpenVidu can run without internet, some users have this kind of deployment working.

I have installed Coturn server on Azure cloud where i have installed apache as well for web proxy. This is windows machine and here i build Coturn code. But the settings that are mentioned in document are applicable for Coturn installation using docker.
How to configure the following parameters as .env file will be not available in my case-

Please do help

Hi, i have done new installation of coturn on linux machine.Openvidu server is part of private network and this coturn machine is also in our private network but on this machine we have enabled/whitelisted some link so that external client can join video call. In this coturn machine apache server is also installed that is being used for proxy.
After doing the settigs as suggested in “Allow users behind firewalls - OpenVidu Docs” still we are not able to make connection using our application. Application server is also in private network and accessible to customer using proxy.

Please assist what should be done to resolve the issue

Too many private things, something need to be public ;).

Please create a post explaining your issue more accurately.

We have created custom UI for video calling. Customer is outside our network. UI will be accessible to customer using apache server as apache is on public network.
Openvidu Server resides in our private/Intranet network. So IP of openvidu is not reachable to customer.
Through apache we are not able to make wss connection.