Native desktop clients - Win, MacOS, Linux?

Hi, I’m currently researching possible options on how to implement video conferencing, in my soon to be, master thesis project. Since I need to have access to some win32 api for other app features, I decided to make native apps (for Windows, MacOS, Linux), which I think will be a lot of fun and nice experience.

But I’m struggling to verify, if WebRTC will work on native desktop solutions.
Windows seems to have WinRTC to cover these needs, but I cannot find anything about MacOS.

Is there a way to implement desktop app clients for OpenVidu backend?

The only official documented solution to implement desktop applications for OpenVidu is through Electron: openvidu-electron - OpenVidu Docs
In theory any client with a modern and up-to-date WebRTC stack should work fine with OpenVidu, if the RPC protocol is correctly implemented: OpenVidu Server RPC protocol - OpenVidu Docs