RPC protocol MixedReality WebRTC

Hello guys i’m having an issue making things work with OpenVidu RPC and MixedReality- WebRTC.

The final problem is:
If i publish my video i’m unable to receive video, and if i receive i’m unable to publish.
When i try to handle both the same way i get the
“Cannot apply remote description: Object not initialized.”

What i’m doing
1 - I join a room with my session token
2 - I publish video with the created SDP Offer (with mixed reality WebRTC)

The problem???:
When i want to receive the video (again, using the RPC protocol), if i call “receiveVideoFrom” which sdp offer do i fill in the request?
The same that i use to publish the video? The one i receive in the answer of publish video? I need to get it somewhere else?

Thank you in advance

Hello @Striiki,

You have to create a brand new SDP offer to receive video from other participant.

Currently in OpenVidu every audio+video stream in a session has its own SDP negotiation (completely independent from others).

In the future we can maybe reuse the same transport for several streams.

Best regards