Multiple domains/ips

we have a customer who uses 2 different domains to connect to the same server (one intranet and one on the internet) and consequently two different IPs, one internal and one external.
Since Openvidu only supports one domain, at the client level, if I replace the IP in the ICE sdp based on the network you are in, would everything work correctly?
Is it possible to change the domain to connect to with the browser SDK? Because I assume that the domain is taken from the token and therefore it could be the wrong one.

If I change the domain in the Kurento token will it go into error?

You can change it in the token.

Let us know if that works for you.

I’ve tried but is not working, because the token is not recognized by Kurento.

Can you implement in the browser SDK an option when we call Session.connect(token, opt: {domain: string})?