Media (video, audio) extraction or real-time transmission

I am currently running two instances: the AWS instance that configures the openvidu server and the instance that serves the Spring boot application.

I uploaded the tutorial application to the server with Spring boot referring to the following link, and the tutorial is working correctly for me.

Now, based on this tutorial, I am investigating various things to add features such as chatting, controlling other users by user within group meeting, etc.

First, is there no difficulty in implementing additional functions in the application composed by the above tutorial?

Second, if it’s not a big deal for me, I want to add a user with publisher role to redis. How should I approach it? << sorry, this was a really stupid question.

Finally, this is going to be a bit of a tricky question. Is it possible to upload media (video, audio) data of some users in the video conference in real time, or forward it to another server responsible for analysis? For this problem, I have thought of a method different from what I said, but I would like to solve the media-related processing within openvidu if possible. thank you

Thank you for reading.

The tutorial is designed in such way so you can add the features you want.

Right now it is not possible out of the box. But it is still possible if you understand how things are managed in the media server. OpenVidu uses Kurento media server to manage things. So a OpenVidu session is just a Kurento MediaPipeline with WebRtcEndpoints interconnected. You could connect to the same Kurento used by OpenVidu and create RtpEndpoint to extract the media in real time from the Kurento pipeline. But it is complex and of course we can not provide any support on it.


First of all, thank you so much for your kind and quick reply.

The “same Kurentoused by OpenVidu” you mentioned means Kurento that works together, not a separate Kurento server?

If so, can I try this by tweaking the config that configures openvidu?

Yes, you can implement Java/Node code in your app connecting to the Kurento used by OpenVidu. Not another Kurento.

Depending on how you deploy OpenVidu (development, CE, RPO, etc…) Kurento es deployed in different ways. You should investigate yourself…

Sorry for the late reply.

It was a good reference. I don’t know if I can work this out, but if the results are good,

I’ll let the forum know about the process.

thank you.

did you get this to work and any help in how to connect to the same kurento media server used by the openvidu instance