Looking for a developer

Hello, we have an Ionic 4 app. We would like to add OpenVidu calling to it. So customers can call us, we’ll answer via a web page. This all worked for Android, but would not and will not compile or work on Apple. We are looking for a developer that can finish/fix the app on Apple so it all works perfectly. The job may include fixing/upgrading the OpenVidu VPS server we now have. Again, the app is done and working, but we had to disable the calling because it doesn’t work on Apple.

If someone things they can do this please let me know.

Is there any possibility to update the application to ionic 5?

Official tutorial is working with ionic 5, but we haven’t tested with ionic 4.

Well, I don’t know what the implications are in doing that. Our app isn’t complicated, its just an ordering app. Select products and click submit order. But does Ionic 5 require a significant code base change from 4? That could be the problem. This update would be up to the developer I guess then.

OpenVidu is tested to be working with ionic 5.

There is no official support for ionic 4.

To clarify, are you looking for a developer make sure it works with OpenVidu in Apple, right? It is implemented in ionic 4 and maybe the best way to make it works with Apple is updating to ionic 5 (the supported ionic version for OpenVidu). It is that correct?


Yes, that sounds accurate now. If Ionic 5 is somehow guaranteed to work then we would have to move to that. This is the stuff the developer would need to figure out and do. I guess a migration from 4 to 5 isn’t terrible then as per:
Migration Guide - Ionic Documentation ?

This is BS. There is no technical reason the plugin can’t run on ionic 4 if it can run on 5. The upgrade is mostly cosmetic. If it doesn’t work in 4 it won’t work in 5. But the upgrade is pretty painless.

well thats good then, but I still would like to find a developer that can do it. because we can’t. i think its a plugin conflict then under Apple.