Large recording lost sound

This might not be vidu, I’ve not investigated properly yet but throwing it out there…

I recorded a 15 minute long session to test it out. My setup sends a web hook call once the video session is destroyed, the other side then downloads the zip, unzips, converts the webm to mp4 and adds a watermark; then it uses the api to delete the recording on the vidu server.

This all works nicely, using ffmpeg to do the conversion. However when I put the longer video in (I had only done a couple mins tests before) the resulting video has no sound.

I don’t know if this is vidu or ffmpeg , but if you have any ideas on where I could look relating to vidu that would be great

If you’re doing this independently with ffmpeg, probably is an ffmpeg issue. We can’t help much here :cry:

I also noticed sometimes the recording is just completely empty, 0 seconds long. It happens intermittently. Any idea why that would happen?

If you are using COMPOSED recording you can enable debugging to get more information.


@micael.gallego , I think he uses ffmpeg after a succesful recording of OpenVidu. I think its not related with OpenVidu, but with ffmpeg, right @Glen_Elkins ?

But ffmpeg processes the videos fine most of the time then the odd one goes funny . I need to check the recording before ffmpeg gets involved and come back to you

So it turns out this seems to be an issue with iOS. The mp4 video that gets generated is exactly the same as the original, and it plays everywhere except iOS.

It’s strange, it’s intermittent, some videos work, others just don’t. I was scratching my head for days and trying different things.

It ended up being the encoding of the video wasn’t right, I explicitly tell it to use h264 and the videos work correctly. I’ve tested so far on a 7 minute recording and it works fine, that’s the longest video that has worked by a long way. It also converts the video much faster since I told ffmpeg to use all cores.

So ios just didn’t like the video somehow unless I specifically say h264