Issues Upgrading to OV Pro

We have been using OpenVidu CE for seveal years for a live video interviewing app. It’s worked fine for almost all clients. We have implemented OpenVido Pro this week to enable autoscaling. The Pro version works great for most situations. However, we have one large client who is unable to get any connections between users within and outside their corporate VPN.

The issue is, it works for them on CE - users inside and outside the corp VPN are able to connect and conduct their video interviews. However, for PRO it does not work. We’ve been forced to revert back to CE. Can you guys think of any reason it would work on CE and not on PRO? Our implementation is a out-of-the-box AWS implementation of 2.20.0 and we are using the built-in STUN/TURN (no additional installed).

thanks for your suggestions/thoughts.

Hello @mrussiello. The unique difference using the built-in STUN/TURN between OpenVidu CE and OpenVidu PRO is that relay candidates in CE connects directly with the media server because both are in the same machine. In OpenVidu PRO relay candidates uses the public IP as relay candidate because it is the sanest default configuration for every environment, but maybe in your case is not working.

I suggest you to add this environment variable in /opt/openvidu/.env:


This will tell to the Coturn server to use the internal IP as relay candidate to connect to the Media Server.
Maybe this works, give it a try.