Issue with Video (blackscreen in conference) after Server Migration

Hi all,

we are currently using a OpenVidu CE on Premise installation & just migrated the server to another location. Now we have the issue that we dont get a videostream on any browser on any desktop device. It works fine if I connect with a mobile device.

For example if I create a call with 2 desktop devices & 1 mobile device, both desktop devices can only see their own camera & 2 black screens, but the mobile device is able to see everyone.

Sporadically we get the following error:
" IceConnectionState of RTCPeerConnection 11c1be72-6882-4dcb-b323-58eab26c2d7c (str_CAM-CBVg_con_ZVqcJlV7uW) to “failed”"
“WebRTC: ICE failed, add a STUN server and see about:webrtc for more details”

We already checked the ports & everything seems fine there.

Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot?

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

How did you installed the server?

Probably the Turn server is not reachable by your browsers or the TURN IP reaching the browsers is not the correct one…

  1. Please check all needed ports are open:

  1. Enter to https://<YOUR_OPENVIDU_DOMAIN/dashboard, click into the TEST button, and check in Chrome/Firefox logs if the STUN/TURN server IP which appears in the logs is the public IP of your server.

If not, you will need to define the Public IP of your server in /opt/openvidu/.env by adding:


To install the server we followed this install guide:

  1. We already checked with our it-provider & they told us all ports are open & the network looks fine.

  2. I checked for the public IP for the STUN/TURN server, which is their & correct, but the TEST connection still didnt work.

If you have another idea what it could be, it would be appreciated.

Maybe Coturn is not running properly in your machine.

Please can you check with docker ps if the coturn service is running?

Could you share what is the output of:

sudo su
cd /opt/openvidu
docker-compose logs coturn | head -n 100

Make sure that port 3478 is reachable through TCP and UDP with the public IP used by browsers for STUN/TURN. It’s the minimal port needed for browsers for ICE protocol. Test it with netcat if necessary.