I need to make one to many android java

1.You mean that the manager must work from computer and can’t work from mobile?
The app idea is:
The manager need to see employees and employees can see manager
But emplyees can’t see each other.
2.the server can be firebase?

Trust me that I’m really trying to help here, but you sound pretty confused about what I’m talking about. :frowning:

Forget for now your user story and take it step by step until you can run properly the OpenVidu tutorials.

First you need to understand the OpenVidu topology (basic client–server).

Start with the simplest tutorial: https://docs.openvidu.io/en/2.15.0/tutorials/openvidu-hello-world/

Don’t bother with the code, just with the steps to successfully run the docker container and test the example app on your localhost.

If you manage to do this then you have just run a local OpenVidu server that can also be accessed from an Android device in the same LAN.

Then you can proceed to the OpenVidu Android tutorial. Now everything should be more familiar, running the docker container but with the local IP.

After you run the OpenVidu docker container you can start configuring the Android app. Not trying to discourage you but for native Android development you will be pretty much on your own, you can receive limited help here on the forum but its not guaranteed as the focus is on Ionic hybrid mobile development framework.

After you successfully run the example Android app you can start digging into the code. Then after everything is clear you can go back to your user story.

Good luck!


Ok I’ll follow your steps and can i tell you what I reached from 24 to 48 hours ,
Please keep supporting me,
You haven’t told me is the host can be on firebase?

I don’t think that you can, you should look into Google Cloud Platform for this.

1.I don’t know even the keywords that i should search for can you help?
2.Let’s say the company that need this application have 4 branches “4managers” and every branch
Has 20 employees and every manager need only contact his employees,can the one server serve all the branches teams?
3.and the one branch has more than one team and every team is contacting with team leader in the same time,and customer service contact with customers that is not in the same building can this one server serve all this operations?
I am confused from the sentence of the mobile need to be on the same network of computer is this for debug mode only ?

Ok this is the current situation
But it still giving error in my mobile

1.Image one

2.Image two

it giving me this logcat error:

    2020-09-11 15:43:44.079 11742-11857/io.openvidu.openvidu_android E/SessionActivity:
 Error POST /api/sessions
***failed to connect to / (port 4443) from / (port 34347)*** 
after 10000ms
        at libcore.io.IoBridge.connectErrno(IoBridge.java:185)
        at libcore.io.IoBridge.connect(IoBridge.java:129)

Please help ,thanks​:heart::heart:

hi thanks for the help,but i faced that the link that you commented with is talking about Linux/OSX in the most important part ,can you follow my situation and help me,
thanks so much.

Hi @franziz ,
If every one stopped learning Because of the frustrated people that do not help and reduce the anxiety , everyone feels failure and weakness, so I will make my effort to learn more by helping of those who are not tired of encouraging others who create happiness without tirelessness or boredom,and i will be thankful by trying to be like them and I’ll help others

Hi Ayman,

I believe OpenVidu is for expert that already in WebRTC for a long time. This product is not for beginner. You need to learn WebRTC basic to be able deploy this solution on-prem.

However, I can offer you Tokbox. This solution is for someone that has 0 knowledge about WebRTC and server. You do not need to install and Media Server.

Please understand that every product has learning curve. And OpenVidu is not for starter. You need to find something that for starter like you. Tokbox will be the solution.

I am not aginst helping someone. I would like to help. But, you are coming from different skill set. There are tons of guide in WebRTC. Please search from Google.

Again, for quick start, please go to tokbox.com. They have plenty of resources for someone that don’t want manage any servers.

Hope you understand my point of view. Please try tokbox.com instead of OpenVidu.

OpenVidu team already explains a lot for server deployment and configuration. They are expert.


and i am an android develop and i worked on sql server,sqllite,firestore servers and i need to learn more,
If you try to help read my current situation and give me steps
This is my current situation:

Just a quick check. Are you running your android app in the same network ad OpenVidu server?

It seems you are not able to connect to OpenVidu server located in your local machine.

Yes ,two of them are connected to one wifi connection.

By saying two of them, are you referring to 2 androids or 1 server 1 android?

Sorry, I was out for a few days.

Seems that you made nice progress here, now we can try to debug the connection issue.

Can you check these?

  1. can you access from the phone web browser?
  2. if step 1. works can you test the connection from that web page?

Then you’ll know if the phone connects to the Openvidu server successfully and move to the Android app. If it doesn’t then your host must be blocking that port.

By the way you don’t need to run that http server at all. The connection is supposed to be done on 4443 port.


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Thanks so much,i appreciate that you give me from your time,
#Do you mean that i don’t need the first command prompt in my first photo,
And docker is enough?
#is the https link in the android activity is suitable?
This is my new current situation image1
Note: the page in mobile browse still loading and this is the prompt response


@franziz franzi
I am referring to 1 androids and 1 server as start

The first command runs the insecure js tutorial which is an OpenVidu client example. You can check if you can access the OpenVidu server using it, but it’s not required for the mobile app.

Also can you try opening https://localhost:4443/dashboard from the same computer?

If it doesn’t work there’s a problem with the docker port mapping on Windows. I don’t have a Windows machine to test.

Maybe this helps:

ok can you double check my steps :
1-i open docker app
2-i open command prompet
3-prompet code:

docker run -p 4443 --rm -e OPENVIDU_SECRET=MY_SECRET -e DOMAIN_OR_PUBLIC_IP= openvidu/openvidu-server-kms:2.15.0

4-i go to opera web browser in my laptop and entered:
is this right or:
5-i tried to open port 4443 on my windows 10

Should i click sign in/create docker id now?,
or change configuration on my router,and wifi is ok or i should connect by cable?
i feel that there is step/s that i done wrong.