How OpenVidu detect the Public IP when offering the default ICE Servers address

If we don’t configure OPENVIDU_WEBRTC_ICE_SERVERS in .env file, OpenVidu will use it’s own coturn service address.
When a webrtc user join room, the server will give the response with the default turn server.
For example:

    "customIceServers": [
            "url": "",
            "username": "1717062407:24ue9awO",
            "credential": "1V9oCVaXQZS0r89cXh1eQAWdbk8="

Here is generated by the server, and I found the IP is the public address of the company network, because I didn’t configure it anywhere, is it correct? The question is how the server detected this public address as turn server address?
Can anyone help understand this issue? Thanks.

OpenVidu Server is able to automatically discover the public IP: openvidu/openvidu-server/docker/utils/ at master · OpenVidu/openvidu · GitHub

This strategy works fine for almost any setup. Only a handful of deployments behind heavily-restricted firewalls would need manual configuration.

Understood, thanks a lot.