How coturn works in OV Enterprise HA setup (on-prem)?

Please explain how coturn works in OV Enterprise HA setup as it is different from CE & Pro. Does it means I cannot use STUN/TURN of Enterprise HA in code & ice test(STUN tester | ?

And if I can, how do I check if it works or not? I noticed it used port 443 as per say in doc. But I run my enterprise HA on custom port 1443 (set in ov-enterprise-base-service and enterprise node). Both on HTTPS_PORT=1443 line. Can I use custom port here (enterprise HA coturn) or do I need to use 443 ?

443 is used by Coturn in OpenVidu Enterprise HA on-prem.

You can change the Coturn port just by setting in /opt/openvidu/.env with:


To test if relay candidates works, you can enable in firefox the flag in about:config of firefox, and use it to access to an OpenVidu Session.

If there is media, relay is working.

You can even see ICE candidates at about:webrtc