OpenVidu running on port 443

We are running OpenVidu Pro 2.17.0 in on-premises. The participants on a video call in this setup will typically be behind a corporate firewall where they allow access only through 443 port. So is there any way to run the entire openvidu platform that can work off of port 443 so the end user will still be able to conference via the 443 port?

Hi @vinoth , at the moment, we don’t support such scenario. Our Coturn server only listen to port 3478, and clients need at least to accept incoming/outcoming UDP/TCP traffic in such port.

What you can try is to deploy your own coturn server in a dedicated machine, with its own domain name pointing to its public IP and make it listen through port 443. (There are tons of tutorial, here is one: In this specific tutorial, it says how to configure coturn with a domain, SSL and make it listen to 443 in this section:

After that, configure it in your OpenVidu App to use it, with setAdvancedConfiguration method in openvidu-browser:

openvidu.setAdvancedConfiguration({ iceServers: [{
      urls: "turn:YOUR_COTURN_DOMAIN:443" ,
      username: turnUsername,
      credential: turnCredential

You will need to manage turn user on your side.

I would like to clarify that we have in our roadmap to cover this use case in the future with an easier way to configure coturn to listen in 443 in future releases (not in 2.18.0 specifically)

Hope this helps.

Thanks. Will try that out and update you.

Remember that the deployed coturn should have opened in its security groups the correspondant port 443 and the range specified in the coturn configuration you’re using, for UDP and TCP.

Before using your custom coturn server in your app, test it with Trickle ICE

Hello @cruizba @vinoth I have the very same issue. Looks 2.19 did not address this. Is that right?

OpenVidu doesn’t deploy the coturn server in 443 by default. But you can deploy your own coturn in 443 port and configure OpenVidu to use it.

Just follow the instructions of this repository: GitHub - OpenVidu/openvidu-external-coturn

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We have a web front-end based on react. Our developer does not know how to make the external coturn configuration based on above instructions. He claims that openvidu component is used directly in react and advanced configuration is not possible.

Please could you provide more hints?

Yes, unfortunately advanced configuration is only accessible via openvidu-browser library, not via openvidu web-component.

You may need to build your own React component: openvidu-call-react/openvidu-call-react at master · OpenVidu/openvidu-call-react · GitHub

But it is not that hard to build, you just need to add this after this

To build the library you just need to execute this commands in the root directory of the openvidu-call-react project:

cd openvidu-call-react
npm install && npm run build:openvidu-react

A tgz will be generated in the /library directory which can be installed in your OpenVidu Project.

After see this limitation of the exeternal coturn, We’ve decided to make an external coturn configurable through OpenVidu Configuration in future releases after 2.20.0

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Thank you for the advice on React. We’ll check it out.
Ok keep us posted when this feature is planned.