Dockerized KMS not recognizing environment variables?

I have installed KMS from docker on Ubuntu 20.04. I was trying to see, if I can configure the docker, but I failed. Neither limiting the candidates to UDP only (KMS_ICE_TCP=0) nor setting the public IP seem to have any impact on the candidates KMS delivers to my test app.

What is wrong with this start?

docker run -e KMS_ICE_TCP=0 -e KMS_EXTERNAL_IP4=xx.xx.xx.xx -d --name kms --network host kurento/kurento-media-server:latest

I still see local TCP candidates but no public IP candidate

You have a little typo in these environment variables.

I hope this is the problem :slight_smile:

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Holy sh… What a good catch :slight_smile:

Let me check…

Yepp, you are right w.r.t. KMS_EXTERNAL_IPV4. Sorry for that and thanks for pointing me to the solution. But I can’t get rid of the TCP candidates, where is the typo in the other option?

According to 6.16.0 (March 2021) — Kurento 6.16.1-dev documentation this setting has been added with 6.16.0. Not sure what version my docker version is

Post 6.16.0 according to docker hub…

I have checked the sources and from there it looks fine. But if I run the docker with -e KMS_ICE_TCP=0 -e KMS_EXTERNAL_IPV4= the appropriate entry for the IP is OK (“externalIPv4=”), but “iceTCP” is still at “;iceTcp=1”. I entered the shell of the container to check /etc/kurento/modules/kurento/WebRtcEndpoint.conf.ini

This parameter is in the dev build, try to use kurento-media-server-dev:6.16.1

Really? It is documented as if it would be in 6.16.0…

Confirmed. In kurento-media-server-dev:6.16.1 it works. :slight_smile: