Disable public dashboard

Is there a way to disable access to the dashboard url entirely? I don’t need it and don’t want public access to it

You have an environment variables for this in /opt/openvidu/.env:

# This section limits access to the /dashboard (OpenVidu CE) and /inspector (OpenVidu Pro) pages.
# The form for a single IP or an IP range is:
# To limit multiple IPs or IP ranges, separate by commas like this:

If you put in ALLOWED_ACCESS_TO_DASHBOARD a fixed IP, only this IP will reach the dashboard section.


ok thanks for the response i will try that


That works , can I also block the main vidu screen? I don’t want people to access the server by browser at all, it should only work from within my app

what do you mean by main openvidu screen? Can you screenshot?

I think he means the OpenVidu Call app. If only people would rtfm… :grinning:


Aaah yes haha, probably @mihailj

Thanks for your help

Thanks but you do realise referring to it as “call application” doesn’t actually mean anything to people who’ve not heard it before.

I’m referring to the screen you see when you visit the vidu server url in the browser

@cruizba asked you to put a screenshot to better understand you are referring to.

If you are referring to this page:

It is provided by the default OpenVidu Call application and you can disabled following the instructions provided by @mihailj.


That’s it, thank you