Chroma Filter problem

Hi everyone, I have implemented the functionality of using the Chroma Filter within my call, but I have noticed that it does not work very well.
Is there a filter similar to that of Google Meet that allows you to replace the background with an image leaving only the user visible?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @Developer3010,

We are working in a Google meet like filter. It is expected to be included in OpenVidu PRO in the following months.


Oh well done, so for OpenVidu CE there’s onli the Chroma Filter that can replace the background with an image? Right?


Yes. In the community edition the only option is to use ChromaFilter.

Take into account that Chroma Filter will use important CPU resources.

Best regards

Ok, thanks for all the responses Micael.
I just have one last question, is there a usable filter with OpenVidu CE that allows background blurring? Or should I just take a blurry image and use the chroma filter?


Image blurring is not possible with chroma filter.

Ok, but is it possibile with another type of filter? Or for OpenVidu CE there’s no chance to get the background blur

There is not built-in blur filter in OpenVidu CE.

You can implement yourself using OpenCV in the server or using WebGL in the browser.