Call monitoring


I am setting up a matrimonial website (and iOS/Android app later on), however, I require audio and video calls API / SDK for members where they may have a guardian(s) monitoring the call.

We would also need to set time limits on various membership plans.

Does OpenVidu allow full customisation to allow such features?

Our site would be hosted most likely on AWS so would there be any issue with OpenVidu on such hosting servers?

We would expect around 500 members / month in the first year and then expect rapid growth due to our digital ID verification. Our robust platform will be designed for unlimited members so can OpenVidu take this many members?

Which plan would be most suitable?

OpenVidu allows you building any kind of videoconferencing application. The only limit that currently exists is the maximum number of participants in a single video session, which is determined by the size of the server hosting OpenVidu. But for your use case you don’t need to worry about this, as each one of your video sessions won’t have likely hundreds/thousands of participants.
You can add any logic you want, including of course time limits for your video sessions.

OpenVidu can be installed in any on premises or cloud provider environment. But AWS is in fact the cloud provider that is natively supported by OpenVidu, as you can see in the documentation: OpenVidu Docs

Theoretically there is no maximum limit of users your platform could achieve, you just need to adjust the size of your OpenVidu deployment to your maximum expected number of concurrent video sessions.

Lastly, here you have the list of client platforms supported by OpenVidu: OpenVidu Docs
You have many official tutorials to quickly get started implementing your POC application.


Hey You need to make your customize Opnevidu Application