Blank screen coming after presenter refreshes his/her page

We are developing a virtual classroom with a collaborative whiteboard and have integrated Openvidu Pro for video conferencing. We did a load testing for upto 13 users, with 1 presenter and remaining 12 participants (all with webcam and audio). Both the openvidu Pro node and Kurento media server showed only upto 31% load, which was going stable.
Problem started, when I as a presenter refreshed my page, except my video feed, I could see only blank black screen for other participants. Some participants could able to speak to me and I could able to hear them. All the other participants could able to see my video and audio feed. Thereafter I requested one of the participant to refresh his page, and the particular participant’s webcam and audio feed was coming. After that I being a presenter, refreshed my page, then all the webcam and audio feed was coming again. I wanted to replicate whether this is following a consistent pattern. From them on, I tried to refresh every 30 seconds, but all the original feed for all participants were coming. This issue is happening at random intervals, especially when the presenter is refreshing his/her screen at certain time. At the same time if any of the participant is refreshing his screen, all the other participants and also presenter feed is not going away. I need some help regarding this.

Let’s do something to check if it is a deployment issue…

Configure your app to point to our demos deployment:

If your app works ok with our infra, then the problem is related with your deployment.
If it still working in a wrong way, the problem could be in your application logic.

  • ¿What if the app works in and not in your deployment?
    It could be because a missconfiguration somewhere. And by your explanations, I’m guessing that you probably have in Kurento or Mediasoup a range of ports which is not the same as the ports opened in the machines.

But let’s do things in order, try with our infra and tell us if the problem persist.

I have checked the and I have also cross checked all the ports for Kurento, everything was proper. We used the same demo project and did not change any application logic for openvidu. Even while using, the problem is persisting, but not for all participants, but for random participants. We thoroughly checked the elastic search logs and we found one error,

“Transport exception for websocket session: xxxxxxxxxxx - Exception: null”
This error is only happening for certain network, for other users this issue is not happening. The openvidu inspector Logs also showed multiple messages of “Audio had a 1 s break” “Video had a 2 s break” etc, eventhough internet connection was stable. I need help regarding this.

More questions:

  1. What OpenVidu version do you have deployed?
  2. What OpenVidu browser version are you using in your app.
  3. DId you tests with other demos applications? Try for example OpenviduCall and see if the behaviour is the same.

I’m thinking it may be something in your application.