Basic questions of openvidu

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I have some questions related openvidu so I appreciate for those who can answer me. I’m a developer and new to this platform so please suggest me.

Q1. Can we change default mic, video and share icon of openvidu?
Q2. Why remote stream is not displaying? It’s working when i changed OPENVIDU_SERVER_URL to ‘’.
Q3. I uploaded openvidu-webcomponent code on my live server but it’s not working on two different network.
Q4. Can I use it for long time for my cilent as free or please tell me limitation if any.

Please mention reference link related any above questions.

Thank for consideration. :slight_smile:

Q1. If you are refering to changing the icons of openvidu-webcomponent, you must follow this instructions: Developing OpenVidu - OpenVidu Docs. Before compiling the app, change whatever icons you want. In fact, you can modify the source code of openvidu-call application (in which the webcomponent is based) as you wish, and then compile the webcomponent.
Q2. If your remote video is not being displayed when using your OpenVidu deployment, that means that your OpenVidu deployment is not good. You have detailed documentation on how to properly deploy OpenVidu here: Intro - OpenVidu Docs
Q3. Same as Q2. Deploy OpenVidu as instructions state an you will be able to communicate clients on different networks (as long as your client’s networks do not restrict connections to other networks, of course).
Q4. OpenVidu is an open source project at its core. It provides different editions, being OpenVidu Community Edition completely free. OpenVidu CE provides to you with all of the necessary tools to build your videoconferencing app. If you ever need advanced features for demanding production environments, you have OpenVidu PRO and OpenVidu ENTERPRISE editions available, which will be directly compatible with your existing app, out-of-the-box. More about OpenVidu Editions here: Intro - OpenVidu Docs

Hello, I'm using my digital ocean server for deployment of web-openvidu-video.

I've stucked in 3rd step (Configuration) Link :
I'm not sure which type of certificate I need to implement from below:

1) Self-signed certificate (We can't use this for production)
2) Let's Encrypt certificate 
3) Custom Certificate (Commercial CA)

But  I want to know you that I need to deploy on my website subdomain. For e.g. My website is and I want to access openvidu demo in production mode like this or may be like this

I'm very thankfull to you if you suggest me which option will be best for me.

Openvidu server should be deployed in a domain like:

Self signed certificate is only recommended in development. It shouldn’t be used in production.

If you want to purchase a certificate in a SSL certificates shop, then you should use “Custom Certificate” option.

If you want to use a free certificate created by Let’s Encrypt, then you should use “Let’s Encrypt certificate”.

You can search on Internet the differences between Let’s Encrypt and commercial certificates. OpenVidu works well with any of them.


this is deployed place :
I used letsencrypt certificate but still remote video not displaying in same network.


please let me know what I’m not doing good.

You can not use an IP in DOMAIN_OR_PUBLIC_IP with letsencrypt. You need to assign that IP to a valid domain name, and use it in DOMAIN_OR_PUBLIC_IP

Suppose domain is and it’s public address is



Please give me any ref for this if possible.


Basically, if your domain is, and your IP is, you will need:

And, the domain name must point to the ip in your DNS Administration tool you use.
This is our company site and I uploaded this on.

I uploaded on this and follow above steps but nothing happened. It’s asking certificate accept again and again when I’m trying to join.

Please check it.

It is working:

I see… you’re using as URL in your APP this domain:
Why is running on 4443?, it should be using 443

ok, please let me review it. I’ll be back soon.

please review it again, I changed port also 443. but It has same problem.

In Code, I changed also OPENVIDU_SERVER_URL
var OPENVIDU_SERVER_URL = ‘https://’ + location.hostname + ‘:443’;

From what I am deducting from your messages (not because the information you provide of your machine is really clear), you have a machine with a nginx running independently. OpenVidu runs also its own nginx, so the certificates configured in the nginx container are not the same as the configured ones in your machine.

You have two possible solution here:

Solution 1 (RECOMMENDED). Deploy OpenVidu in a different machine with a clean environment.

  • Deploy OpenVidu in a new instance with a new domain name and public IP.
  • Point your app to the newly deployed OpenVidu.

Solution 2 (REALLY NOT RECOMMENDED). Import the certificates of the local nginx installation you have into the nginx service of OpenVidu.

I really don’t recommend this. I’m saying it is possible, but this is your choice
:warning: :warning: :warning: I did not test this. Please make sure before doing this process of backup the content of /etc/letsencrypt/ because this may modify the content of this folder.

I see that you are using letsencrypt so these changes would be necessary:

  • First you will need to change these environment variables:
  • Edit the file docker-compose.yml and change this volume from nginx:
  • With this:


I would go with the option 1 and create a new machine for OpenVidu and just point your app to the new machine.

ok, I think option 1 will be good for use. let’s setup all these stuff on AWS in new instance. I’ll know you if any issue.
Thanks for your valuable suggestion and time also. :slight_smile:

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I uploaded on this using elastic ip address. but I’m not able to know from where it’s default UI is coming on AWS. I checked openvidu directories on aws server but not found. So how I can found and able to change it?


Hello @Rohit_Singh,

The default UI es from OpenVidu Call application. You can disable it or you can customize it.

If you remove it, you can also deploy another application.

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We have followed above instruction for deploying on AWS but it’s default and not able to know where I can my upload build files and folders of customize UI and build from angular framework.

Could you please suggest me where we need to upload my build folder?

May I know how can we upload and where we can upload on AWS for override default openvidu UI features?
I need to implement it soon. please suggest me.