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Hi There,

We are working to develop Video room/Class room functionality using Openvidu/Kurento Media server. I just wanted to know the below points:

  1. Is there any possibility to publish openvidu feed over CDN?
  2. What will be the bandwidth utilization if we upload 480p, 720p and 1080p feed on Openvidu/Kurento media server? Suppose a 1000 user will latch on a class room then what will be the consumption of bandwidth on server?

Above points answer will help us to plan our business requirement.
Remain attentive to hear you soon on this.

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Hi all,

We are trying to apply some external features like face detection, emotion detection to the live stream. May I know if there is such way to extract the real-time frames for further processing? Thanks

those links are dead/404. Can you update those demos links please?

Here they are :slight_smile:

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