Zoom in zoom out in Angular

Hello, has anyone been able to implement zoom in and zoom out in Angular?

Hello team,

I found a similiar issue with zoom in and zoom out but there is a different, in my case zoom in and zoom out are working properly but then found the issue when clicked on one of them the menu text won’t change (always zoom in and the icon also won’t change).
I’m using openvidu-webcomponent-2.27.0.js


I’ve tested the zoom in/out feature and it is working properly.
@galanblancom This is a feature which make sense with two or more participants. Are you testing it with a single participant?

@dwi_yana The icons bug will be fixed in next release 2.28.0

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My request needs some clarification. I mean a zoom with many scales over the video, using the mouse wheel or an input range. I was able to implement something, but maybe somebody has a better solution.

This is applying a scale to the video element. I need a way that eliminates the container’s scroll.

ok sir, i’ll wait for next release

thank you