WebRtc statics for Publisher and Subscriber in Openvidu Inspector

Hello OpenVidu Team,

Can you please add few more WebRTC stats of each connections? The important information which everybody needs for real time monitoring purpose is “Latency”, “Packet loss”, “Transfer rate” and “Jitter”.
These information are missing in Openvidu Inspector section and it’s tough for Support guys to identify the root cause if some users complain about AV issue at their end. If these information would be there then the support person can easily identify whether it’s due to bad internet connectivity at subscribers end or publisher’s end and will help to sort out the complains easily.

This is the screen(session wise connection details) where i’m expecting to add these additional information…

From my past experience i must say this is one of the must have feature and everybody needs it. I hope you will understand the importance of this feature and integrate the same on priority basis.

Hello Openvidu Team,
Any plan to include the requested feature in Openvidu inspector.

WebRTC stats for each media endpoint are sent to Elasticsearch periodically. Configuration property OPENVIDU_PRO_STATS_WEBRTC_INTERVAL sets the interval period (by default each 30 seconds). You can set this interval to the number you prefer, taking into account that in every execution of the interval webrtc statistics will be requested for every Publisher/Subscriber endpoint from Kurento Media Server and sent to Elasticsearch.You can use Kibana to visualize these stats. You can build whatever graph you want using Kibana features to display any information stored in ES. The ones that interest to you are events “webRtcStats” here described: https://docs.openvidu.io/en/2.15.0/openvidu-pro/detailed-session-monitoring/#creating-your-own-visualizations-and-dashboards

  "sessionId": "TestSession",
  "user": "70558CA23053A8E9",
  "connection": "con_XZvrQOF5Du",
  "endpoint": "str_CAM_AOIa_con_XZvrQOF5Du",
  "mediaType": "video",
  "jitter": 0.004166666883975267,
  "bytesReceived": 17703914,
  "packetsReceived": 17169,
  "packetsLost": 0,
  "timestamp": 1582277310832,
  "fractionLost": 0,
  "remb": 1000000,
  "firCount": 2,
  "pliCount": 0,
  "nackCount": 0,
  "sliCount": 0,
  "elastic_type": "webrtcStats"

I understand that this information can be vital for you, but displaying it directly in OpenVidu Inspector would require a pretty good amount of work, and the information is already available in ElasticSearch.

Take into account that all of this above applies to the server side of media connecitons. This does not reflect metrics of the client devices. They are of course related (the bitrate sent by a client will directly determine the bitrate received by the server, and viceversa), but they are not the same. If you are interested in client side stats, then you can gather those yourself from your client-side code with standard Web API.

Best regards.