Updating own ssl certificate

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I’ve got a standard OpenVidu 2.15 deployed on AWS with an own ssl certificate.
The existing certificate is expiring and I need to renew the certificate for the OpenVidu deployment.
I’m stuck as to where to find the originally installed certificate and how to update them.
Can somebody please point me in the right direction?

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Are you using CERTIFICATE_TYPE=owncert? In this case just delete the /opt/openvidu/certificates folder and put the certificate at /opt/openvidu/owncert as specified in this section: OpenVidu Docs

Both files, certificate.cert and certificate.key, should follow this format: OpenVidu Docs

In the case you’re using CERTIFICATE_TYPE=letsencrypt, if you remove /opt/openvidu/certificates and restart openvidu with sudo ./openvidu restart it should be enough to renew your certificates.

Letsencrypt autorenews are activated from 2.16.0

Thank you for reply!
I am using CERTIFICATE_TYPE=owncert.

Earlier today I already put the new certificate at /opt/openvidu/owncert. After restarting openvidu with sudo ./openvidu restart, it didn’t show/use the new certificates.

But, I just now deleted the /opt/openvidu/certificates/ folder, checked if the certificate in the /opt/openvidu/owncert was the correct one, followed by a sudo ./openvidu restart. This time the correct certficate was being used.

So, thank you for helping me!

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No connection to Openvidu server. This may be a certificate error at “https://openvidu.example.com

getting this error after removing letsencrypt directory.

done sudo ./openvidu restart