Talking with server

Hi all,
I work in extra layer, php <> Linux system. How I talk with openvidu server, query ip and username, in $name session, with curl, php curl or bash?
Thanks in advance

I don’t understand your issue or your query.

Can you please explain it in more detail?

Thx for reply. I make a layer over server, using php and Linux OS sys, communications in both directions.
I find any command line like get "https://openviduserver/info.php?room=xyz&iplist&usernames

you can use REST API

I have a sample code how to get token using REST API here, you can use similar way:

Just it! Thanks for link!! I read some documents but not arrive at it.

The request to server don’t as useful, answers as the client name, but the remote ip, basic in my dev no are paired. Only show server coturn ip.
I work in proyect based in not database based, to not be exposed xcross an more.
See develovers have Spanish names, and origin too. Congrats, is great. But my pre occupation in my proyect, must work in a layer 3. Thx