Remove hash (#) tag in openvidu call angular project

hello everyone
how to remove # tag in open vidu angualr project?
I tried
imports: [RouterModule.forRoot(routes, { useHash: false })],

the first page runs correctly but video page shows error message.
how to handle this? @micael.gallego


You should configure NGINX included in OpenVidu to redirect all requests with the format https://server/session-id to URL https://server/index.html

But take care to be sure all OpenVidu URLs still works (like /api, /openvidu, /kibana, /inspector…)

Good morning

I know this is an old post … however, i am trying to get the hash removed from my URLs and when I set useHash: false and run locally on localhost:4200 all endpoints fail with the Cannot get error. Is there a solution for this? Or do I need to make that true when working locally?

Similarly if I deploy to the production server I too see the Cannot Get error. I understand I need to create custom nginx config to accommodate this. I have the custom-nginx.conf and nginx.conf files in my main /opt/openvidu folder as outlined on this page: Troubleshooting / FAQ - OpenVidu Docs but I am unsure how to implement the line to redirect requests to index.html. the following line is what I think I would use … try_files $uri $uri/ /index.html; however I am unsure where it should go.

Is someone able to provide some insight?

Thank you.