Publish, then unpublish, then publish again?

Hi there, I’m working on an app and essentially I want to have 2 publishers. The “main” publisher and the “guest” publisher. This way the “main” publisher can have the “guest” come in and present for a bit and afterwards the “main” publisher comes back and finishes the presentation.

To accomplish this, I call session.unpublish(publisher) on my “main” publisher object right as the “guest” publisher is calling session.publish(publisher). This seems to work fine.

But when I try to call session.publish(publisher) for my “main” publisher and start broadcasting again, it doesn’t seem to work. From the documentation here: OpenVidu Docs

It seems like I should be able to just call session.publish with my “main” publisher object and be able to start streaming again. However, it doesn’t appear to be working for me. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Figured out my issue, I was using an old OpenVidu server and Node client while using the latest OpenVidu browser version. Apparently it’s very important to have matching versions across the board in case anyone else runs into this issue going forward.