Problem with multiple domains

Hi, I have found a strange problem during app development. I use OV / OV browser for my app ad i have two servers with different domain names, one is used for production and one for development and testing purposes. I have problems when in browser two different domains are open in different tabs (container or private tabs so the browser processes are different) and both try to stream video and audio to OV server. In this case stream is only allowed for the tab/domain opened first and the second tab with other domain url refuses to send the stream, however the camera in not blocked by these tabs (I have a testing page within my app for camera availability). Is this normal operattion or is this some kind of bug. (OV is in the version 2.17). Thanks

Maybe the problem is that your camera is handled by one process but the other (which is isolated from the first one) can’t get access to the camera because it is handled by the first one.

In your browser development console there should be an error with DEVICE_ALREADY_IN_USE. Do you have any error in the browser console?

Thanks for the reply, but what You mean by process? Is it browser process? I fso, then it is not that case because as I wrote: I have a testing page within same app app for camera availability and this page has no problem with concurrent camera access. The problem starts to occur when I procees to the video conference room, where OV browser js script is included.