Please improve support and communication with customers

We are an OpenVidu Enterprise customer and we experience multiple issues with OpenVidu right now.
Unfortunately, communication is really not good at this time. We have reported an issue on GitHub in November and never received an answer:

Also we have sent multiple emails to the OpenVidu Pro support email address and never received an answer even though the issue is quite urgent.
As there is no phone number, we also can’t call anyone to report communication issues.

So since we pay hundreds of Euros for OpenVidu each month, please improve your communication towards paying customers.

We’ve had similar experiences lately, unfortunately.

Guys, developing new features is important and fun, but don’t forget to treat well your paying customers.

Hello @plorenz-etes,

Of course customer support is very important, and we take it very seriously. The best way to get support if the issue does not include personal data is right here at this forum. Making doubts public will mantain a well-informed community and will help other developers find solutions if the face similar issues.

That being said, I’m afraid I cannot find any recent email in our inboxes related to nginx and virtual background (I’ve searched from September 2022 up to right now). It is possible it has been blocked or sent to spam. We will resume the discussion about the prblem in the GitHub Issues page.

@trantako We’ve been busy with release 2.26.0, but we will answer your last email ASAP.

Hello @pabloFuente ,
thank you for your reply and the immediate response on GitHub.
The emails we’ve sent were regarding another issue, but I’ll post it in this forum then.

Thank you @pabloFuente, we now have the information we asked for.