Orphaned participants with external Coturn in 2.21

The external coturn application has been very useful in getting otherwise blocked participants into our system.

Since using it though, some users’ sessions stay active in a room if their connection drops out and the server doesn’t garbage collect them. One user in a recent call had 2x orphaned sessions which I had to manually delete via REST.

The only thing I can think of is that using external coturn means the connection doesn’t drop fully and the OV server doesn’t garbage collect.

I’ve recently upgraded to 2.22 but haven’t had chance to see if this issue has gone away.

This is quite strange because the connection is not directly related with Coturn. You’ve only observed that behaviour with external coturn?

Try with 2.22 and see if the problem persist.


It’s only since using external Coturn that it’s become apparent, and with those users connecting through it.

I’ll have to see how the next few events work in 2.22 and report back.

Yes, I understand what @cruizba is stating. The user connections to an OpenVidu Session have actually nothing to do with WebRTC (and therefore with Coturn). They are based on a single Websocket connection with OpenVidu Master Node. So it is very strange that any kind of change related to the Coturn server affects user connections to Sessions.

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I’d never seen it before using this configuration. Dead users were always garbage collected automatically.

I’ve not had an event on recently with external users. When we have our next one I’ll let you know if it happens again.



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Thank you @basicmonkey , keep us informed about your issue when you upgrade :slight_smile: