OpenVidu Server

I am trying to build an ionic app with a video calls feature. I have read this documentation (OpenVidu Docs)
I could understand all steps in this documentation except installing openvidu server(point no.6 in the documentation)

Where can I get the server source code?. If I search for a source code I could find many server codes …Which source code should I take?.. Please advice

Actually have you read the point 6? :thinking:

Unless you want to fork OpenVidu project, you don’t need to touch OpenVidu source code. It is fine to start OpenVidu docker container for development.

You can implement your own server side application logic. For that, you can take a look to these tutorials:

Yes, I have read…My question is, where shall I get the files to be deployed on Docker?

Docker automatically download the needed files.

Thanks @micael.gallego I understood

Is SSL mandatory for nodejs server?..Will nodejs works without SSL?