Openvidu pro inspector 502 bad gateway

hi openvidu team, I’m using openvidu pro for one of my client, I deployed openvidu pro on Monday, it was working fine on that day, when I reopened the domain today getting an error of 502 bad gateway nginx here is my domain URL
and as i made a little search about this issue i found a discourse group PRO: inspector is not available error 502
h they mentioned what is the issue and how to resolve it, but here my question is I created an instance in AWS t2-xlarge, but still why this is an issue,?

Hello @prasanna_purohit,

Can you share openvidu logs to see what is happening?

A 502 Bad Gatweay could mean that OpenVidu Pro stop working. Check what may happened into the instance.

Common issues are instances not having enough disk space when using version 2.15.0 or less. Check the disk space of the instance, clean it and try restarting it.

If the problem is related with high disk space in /opt/openvidu/elasticsearch, follow this: OpenVidu Docs

From version 2.16.0 this problem should be solved.


hi @cruizba, I had followed the steps as given in this OpenVidu Docs but still getting the same response of 502 bad gateway.

hi, @micael.gallego from where I will get the openvidu logs? is there any specific path in the instance?

Go to /opt/openvidu
When you run ./openvidu start, the terminal automatically follows the log of the openvidu-server container.

If you exit the ssh session and you want to see the logs again you just need to execute:

./openvidu logs

To follow logs

./openvidu logs -f

Can you share the logs on start?


First of all, be carefull when posting logs in public forums, as there couldbe sensitive information. In your case, the log has printed your license key.
Fortunately, that is the error you are facing. The OpenVidu Pro license key that appears in the log does not exist:

{"status":404,"message":"License **** does not exist"}

I’ve removed the license just in case.

@pabloFuente okay I got this, now I had removed License from the logs.
how can I resolve this 404 error? why I’m getting this error?

Please create a valid license from OpenVidu web site.