Load Test against OpenVidu 2.22.0


We have been evaluating OpenVidu Enterprise for our customer a few months, and recently moved forward to setup a fairly large cluster on-premises using OpenVidu Enterprise 2.22.0.

We have successfully used OpenVidu Load Test solution (GitHub - OpenVidu/openvidu-loadtest: OpenVidu load testing environment) during the evaluation phase with version 2.20.0. Before our customer can start using this new, larger setup, we need to run a number of tests against it. We’d like to continue using OpenVidu Load Test for this purpose, as it turned out to be very useful tool, but currently there is a compatibility issue.

When we run Load Test against v.2.22.0, there’s an exception:

data: ‘java.lang.RuntimeException: joinRoom\n’ +
‘\tat io.openvidu.server.rpc.RpcHandler.getStringParam(RpcHandler.java:811)\n’ +
‘\tat io.openvidu.server.rpc.RpcHandler.checkSdkVersionCompliancy(RpcHandler.java:892)\n’ +
‘\tat io.openvidu.server.rpc.RpcHandler.joinRoom(RpcHandler.java:302)\n’ +

It seems that Load Test is still using openvidu-browser v.2.20.0. On the server side, there has been some back and forth activity on a particular try-catch code. It was removed from v.2.22.0 (and is causing current compatibility issue). In the latest sources, it has been restored again.

We need to proceed with tests ASAP and hope to get answers to these two questions:

  1. When can we expect new OpenVidu release that works with Load Test tool?
  2. Is there any reasonably easy way to circumvent the issue with current v.2.22.0 codebase (i.e. without modifying OpenVidu server’s sources and rebuilding it ourself)?


We are working on updating the version of openvidu-browser SDK inside the loadtest tool, which is the one incompatible with the latest release of OpenVidu. I’ll keep this thread updated.


It looks like Load test is updated to latest version now

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We have updated to latest version a few days ago, got it working with minor changes, and have successfully run first tests as well.

Thank you for solving the issue quickly.

The changes we had to make after your fixes are in this commit in our fork:

The fork contains some other improvements, mainly focused on on-premises testing and parameterising some things such as test scenario file.