Kibana server is not ready yet

I created OpenSearch domain and then
I installed PRO in AWS by reference " AWS - OpenVidu Docs"

When I open the kibana url which is https://DOMAIN/kibana,
“Kibana server is not ready yet” shows on the browser.

Could you help me what I should check it?

Where did you deployed Kibana? In AWS? On a different machine?

How is your .env configuration file?

If you have a different domain for Opensearch, you should access it through its own domain.

I set OpenSearch in AWS according to OpenVidu Enterprise - High Availability Deployment - YouTube
And then I set PRO according to AWS - OpenVidu Docs

I set Kibana URL and DOMAIN endpoint in .env

root:/opt/openvidu# docker-compose ps ← in Master Node
openvidu_coturn_1 --log … Up
openvidu_filebeat_1 /usr/local/bin/docker-entr … Up
openvidu_metricbeat_1 /usr/local/bin/docker-entr … Up
openvidu_nginx_1 / /usr … Up
openvidu_openvidu-server_1 /usr/local/bin/ Up
openvidu_redis_1 /bin/ … Up

AS a result, I can access the below
ElasticSearch URL (OK)
OpenVidu Server URL: https…DOMAIN (OK)
OpenVidu Dashboard: https…DOMMAIN/dashboard (OK)
OpenVidu Inspector: https…DOMMAIN/inspector (OK)

But I can not access Kibana
Kibana: https…DOMAIN/kibana (NO)

What OpenSearch version are you using? I would recommend to use Elasticsearch 7.10 or OpenSearch 1.0.

On the other hand, you need to access Kibana through the Kibana endpoint of the AWS panel related with OpenSearch, not https…DOMAIN/kibana.

When I access https://DOMAIN/dashboard, there is a link which is https://DOMAIN/kibana
Now I can understand the link is wrong.

Instead of it, now I can acces it with kibana endpoint of AWS OpenSearch.
Thanks a lot

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