Implement openvidu

can i filter users that some specific users connect to session in openvidu?
how can i implement openvidu?

To be honest, i don’t understand your question.

You can filter the connection you want. This is not about openvidu, it’s about programming.
You can do whatever you want in your app.

anyone can connect to session with password and in the program people can see the password
i want to implement the openvidu that the specific users can connect in session

Do yo mean securize your app ?

Why everybody can see the password? If everybody can see the password, have a password is useless

i mean that the password that app uses is in javascript file and anybody that connect to session can see password in javascript file with inspect element

That’s why you should have a backend. That’s why OpenVidu implements a token-based system to connect users to your sessions. You generate tokens in your server side using your secret, and you pass those tokens to your client side to be used to connect to the session.


tanks a lot
i have another question can i change javascript code on inspect element and run those code
for example some one cant share his webcam but he changes in inspect element to shares his webcam