How to maximize the chat role

hey guys
i am building a platform and messaging between the members is part of it, video audio and regular chat

so I was wondering whats the optimal way to do that and if it was possible in openvidu, so like whatsapp most of the chats will be just texting, with video/audio choice

OpenVidu provides the concept of session and a user can join to any session controlled by tokens. So yes, you could implement a whatsapp like application with OpenVidu.

But there are some limitations with OpenVidu for this kind of application:

  • OpenVidu is optimized is such a way so a user can only be connected to a session at a time. In whatsapp you are connected to multiple conversations at the same time.
  • WebSocket is used to maintain the connection with the session, so no notifications (mobile or in browser) when the user is not connected.
  • You have to persist the messages exchanged on your own application. OpenVidu just distribute the messages, but not persist them to send them to a non connected user when it connects again.

It is better idea to implement the chat with other library or technology and use OpenVidu just when participants want to have a audio/video conversation.