Ghosts users after network problems

Hi guys,
we encountered a problem with reconnecting after problems with the internet.

the scenario is:

  • there is a user with bad internet connection
  • the user is kicked out (lost connection)
  • he is automatically reconnecting or he need to refresh the website
  • he will see himself as black video, others can still see him
  • After reload, everyone will see a ghost

then we have everyone + that one black video which was that user with bad connection.
there is no errors. It is not a browser fault.

It seems to me that the problem is with connection, not disconnection with the server.
I didnt find any solution on the internet

Do you have any ideas?

Hi @p.choinski ,

This is a problem fixed and it will be included in our next release 2.29.0.
We will release this version as soon as we solve another minor problems.
Thank you for reporting.
Stay tuned.