Error: shared-secret-key not found - openvidu-coturn:2.23.0

i recived this error in to log for container coturn (openvidu_coturn_1):
Error: shared-secret-key not found
Error: shared-secret-key not found.
Error: shared-secret-key not found.

the container not start:
openvidu_coturn_1 --log … Restarting

this is my docker-cvompose.yml
image: openvidu/openvidu-server:2.23.0

image: openvidu/openvidu-coturn:2.23.0
- --use-auth-secret
- --static-auth-secret=$${COTURN_SHARED_SECRET_KEY}

i used CERTIFICATE_TYPE=owncert
please help me.


Did you install openvidu at /opt/ ?
Define a random secret at COTURN_SHARED_SECRET_KEY and try to restart

Hello cruizba,
thanks for you replay,
yes i install openvidu at /opt,

Please could you tell me how I create this “COTURN_SHARED_SECRET_KEY” in /opt/openvidu/coturn/shared-secret-key
Thank you

Just generate a random alphanumeric value and place it at /opt/openvidu/.env. That should be enough :slight_smile: