Display Network Bandwidth During Video Streaming

Hello Devs,
I want to show network bandwidth during video streaming.
so how can we implement it in openvidu?

Hi @micael.gallego , May I know any suggestion for that?

There is no method to get those values. Web API doesn’t offer anything similar to this at the moment.
The only network information you have available in openvidu-browser is Network Quality API

Thanks, but it’s not for free feature, right?

Indeed, Network Quality API is part of OpenVidu PRO edition.

If you get deep into the webrtc stats in your PeerConnection objects, it could be somehow a way to calculate the emitted and received data.

I Never did something like that but it is probably possible.

The bad thing is that webrtc-stats differs between browsers… so those statistics may only works on Chrome or you will need a different logic for each browser.

I’m just telling that maybe it is possible. In OpenVidu we don’t offer such functionality, but maybe if you hack a little bit with webrtc-stats you will be able to have such thing.