Can you please remove iosrtc and use webrtc in ios

I found link which is webrtc for ios. You can embed this now.

Your earlier version was working perfectly in ios ionic app. but your latest versions working without microphone and video. Very difficult to debug. In web, working like bread butter.

I’m having a lot of issues with iOS and thought this post was interesting.
How exactly would exhange be done?
iosrtc in something that we include in our package.json (ionic project). Guessing that should be removed then…
I followed the link and saw that the GoogleWebRTC pod should be added… then what? :slight_smile:

check this. i resolved after commenting iosrtc code. now it will work like web in ios

Hello @anupzone , we are aware on this, we have it in our backlog, we will take a look after the coming release 2.22.0