After entering into session getting getmediaerror


I Clone react code into my system. After entered into a session I am not able to access webcam getting the error as shown in attached image. Please help.

Thanks in advance!

If you are trying to collect device information before calling MediaDevices.getUserMedia (that is, before successfully calling OpenVidu.initPublisher, OpenVidu.initPublisherAsync or OpenVidu.getUserMedia), then it is possible that the client will return empty device IDs. And if you provide that empty string to method OpenVidu.initPublisher, it will fail with the error message you posted.

Try calling MediaDevices.getUserMedia | OpenVidu.initPublisher | OpenVidu.initPublisherAsync | OpenVidu.getUserMedia before calling MediaDevices.enumerateDevices or OpenVidu.getDevices to get a proper deviceId

Thank you for your reply. But I am not able to find such method in openvidu-library-react
can you please help me regarding this.