Add "Proposal for Improvement" category

It will be better if there is category like as “Proposal for Improvement”, so we can propose our thoughts(not bug) to improve openVidu.
Ex: In OpenVidu Browser getDevices function returns the information about connected audio and video devices as an object. Here is the respective code:

deviceInfos.forEach(function (deviceInfo) {
   if (deviceInfo.kind === 'audioinput' || deviceInfo.kind === 'videoinput') {
                kind: deviceInfo.kind,
                deviceId: deviceInfo.deviceId,
                label: deviceInfo.label

Above deviceInfo is an object which has 4 properties - kind, deviceId, label & groupId. You are not pushing that deviceInfo object to devices, instead you push only kind, deviceId & label. Why do you not push groupId ? As far i know, with the same groupId, input devices are the same but with different label & deviceId. So, if we get the devices info with groupId - we can filter the devices with groupId and show the user to choose their audio/video input device. Respective code can be like this:

// For audio input devices
OV.getDevices().then(devices => {
    const audioInputDevices = devices.filter(device => device.kind === 'audioinput' && !isOnlyWhitespace(device.label));

    if(audioInputDevices.length <= 0) {
        // Assume audio source dropdown
            <option disabled selected>No audio input device found</option>
    }else {
        const audioInputDevices_ = [];
        const audioInputDevicesFinal = []; => {
           if(!audioInputDevices_.includes(device.groupId)) {
        }); => {
              <option value="${device.deviceId}">${device.label}</option>

Its definitely not a bug, so i shouldn’t report an issue on github. But there should be a chance to propose my thoughts.

Thank you for your proposal.

I’ve created a new category for “Requests for enhancement” like this one.

Good idea. PR are welcomed.

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