Accessing Rest API


We are working on a project for COVID 19 and considering openvidu for the same. I was able to initiate a conference using Just wondering if there is any way I can access the Rest API. Our objective is to notify when someone has joined the conference using some back-end process. The rest api will be very helpful. Please let me know how can we access the rest api for


That OpenVidu Server is only meant to be used for demo purposes. It is not secure and anybody could access all your sessions. Of course you are supposed to run your own OpenVidu stack.

Plese visit Deployoment section of OpenVidu Docs.

Thanks @pabloFuente,

I was exploring the AWS option… Have a query:
“Choose if you want to deploy OpenVidu demo applications. If true, then parameter openvidu.secret must be MY_SECRET for the demos to work out-of-the-box”

What if I select “false” would there be any further configuration needed. How can I use my own password other than “MY_SECRET”?

Setting the openvidu secret to “MY_SECRET” when deploying along demos is only needed if you want everything to work out of the box. If you want to set a different secret, you obviously can, but you will need to SSH into the machine and update the secret in several places:

A) In openvidu-server: changing parameter openvidu.secret. You may change it in /opt/openvidu/
B) In all Demos: of course the demo apps need the secret to be able to communicate with openvidu-server. All the deployed demos have the secret in a different place. You can visit the documentation of each demo app to learn where to change it:

Basic Videoconference:
Basic Webinar:
OpenVidu Call:
OpenVidu Classroom:

If you have any particular doubt on where to change the secret of a specific demo, post it here.


may thanks @pabloFuente,

I’m assuming this secret is only needed if we are trying to use the rest api …etc… but not needed for accessing the video conf by any user. is this correct assumption?

You need at least 2 REST operations for connecting users to a session: the create session operation and the create token operation.

Go through any tutorial and you will understand.

thanks @pabloFuente is there any way we can disable the password for conference access? we are able to deploy it in aws… but it’s asking for user/password when we are trying to access the link to start a conference… how can we provide direct access?

We followed this link: … how can we make the conf available to the user so that they don’t need to enter any useri/password?

Is there any settings we need to apply?

What do you mean with “is asking for user/password when we are trying to access the link to start a conference” ? Which URL is asking for user/password?

Did you deployed the Demos along OpenVidu Server by setting “Deploy Demos” option to true, and when trying to access to them the browser is asking for credentials? Is that what you mean?

@pabloFuente, Yes. we didn’t deploy the demo, but we were able to manage it…it’s working now… but now we have e different problem…

is there any recommended settings for running it on a low internet band width client site?