Deploy two apps simultaneously


The question’s more about “best practices” – we have the pro version and want to try deploying two apps on two URI routes (that’s a temporary solution – to have a playfround and real app nearby, one for debugging purposes to be removed later).

So, it’s AWS, docker deploy and let’s assume these are two demo apps – like, “call” and “classroom”. After some arguement it became unclear whether those have to be merged into a single container (thus, it would be one app actually) or there really is a way to enable two independent (that’s the goal) apps and have them routed via docker-compose.override.yml.

Currently seems tah the docs state it only as a possibility to have those on different ports, not uri routes. Am I getting it right?

If you want to have two separate applications deployed in OpenVidu PRO server you will need to deploy a continer with an NGINX to redirect every path to a different application. Take into account that the application should be ready to be executed in a sub-path, and not in the root.

Could you clarify the nginx configuration a bit?

Went to see it via sudo docker exec -it openvidu_nginx_1 /bin/bash , lots of stuff in /default_nginx_conf, which one is recommended to override the proxy?

Would like a separate route, like kibana has there

Hi @Alexander_Kasyan you can follow this guide to configure your own nginx configuration using the deployed nginx container in our official deployments: OpenVidu Docs

Follow only the section 16.2

When you follow this guide you will end up with a file in /opt/openvidu called custom-nginx.conf. This is the nginx configuration applied to OpenVidu. You can change it whatever you want to accomplish your goals.