Are pending Connections consuming server's resources?

I implemented my application in a way that a user can ask for as many tokens as he wants until he uses one calling the connect method on the frontend. On every request for a new token the createConnection is called on the backend and then the getToken is called on the created Connection object.
Since the user is going to use only one of the created tokens, it is possible that there will be Connections on the pending status on the OpenVidu Server. Do these pending connections consume much of memory or even CPU? Should i remove them? I suppose i can do it by using a timer and iterating on every session and then calling the forceDisconnect​(Connection connection) on the pending ones.

In terms of computing resources, Connections with status “pending” consume practically nothing, just a few bytes in memory.
That being said, probably your business logic should not allow final users to generate as many Connection entities as they want if in the end they are going to use only one of them. If you have any good reason to allow it, then that’s fine, but right now I do not know why you would want that.